Launches are done in batches as my stock builds up and are currently running 1-3x per month. Please understand that every item is made by hand using clay or resin (or a mix of both). I'm very proud of the quality and durability of my work, but these are not manufactured pieces and might not all look 100% the same. This is especially true when it comes to patterns. I do my best to show you what all of the available patterns are in a restock, but the specific pair that you receive might not be the image I used for its listing. Please understand the complexities of patterns, canes, resin or marbled pieces when you are buying. It’s impossible for me to recreate any pattern, cane, marble or resin exactly. You can be assured that your piece is 100% custom and unique to you!

I cannot take specific requests for pieces during a restock. I cannot offer exchanges for any reason. 


When items are marked as made-to-order, please allow 10-14 business days for processing time before I can get it shipped out. For items that aren’t made-to-order you can expect your package to ship within 1-7 business days. I ship USPS and provide tracking as soon as your order is marked as shipped. Once the item is dropped off at USPS, it's out of my hands. You can purchase insurance for your package, simply reach out to me at emyleesays@gmail.com If your item is lost or late it's best for you to reach out to your local USPS and have them look up your item for you (they will be able to provide a more clear answer than I will).

Items ship to the US ship for free and typically arrive within 2-5 business days once shipped. Items shipped to Alaska, Hawaii or Internationally ship for a flat rate of $15. Please note that items shipping to Australia take some time. If there are any delays in shipping due to COVID it can take upwards 6-12 weeks so please be aware of this when purchasing.

I cannot offer refunds or exchanges if your item arrives late.


Polymer clay and resin are extremely durable, however, your‘re buying jewelry. Please take care of your pieces. Keep them out of the heat (don’t leave them in your car) and don’t toss them in your purse or bag. Store in a lined jewelry drawer or in a jewelry cabinet/display. It’s super common for makeup residue to show up on earrings, especially lighter colors. If this happens simply take a makeup remover cloth and gently wipe down the surface of your earring.


Returns for damaged earrings are accepted within 30 days of purchase. Other damaged returns will be met on a case to case basis. Unfortunately, I cannot offer exchanges for any reason (it’s unsanitary). I do my best to represent each pair online and on social to give you an idea of what to expect. If your pair doesn’t meet your expectations consider gifting them to a friend! If you are returning due to damage you can only receive a duplicate of your previous order.

Please send to:

Emylee Says
9681 W 83rd St
Overland Park, Kansas 66204

Polymer clay is very durable and tough to break, but I understand that accidents do happen, so if for some reason you break your earrings please contact me via email. 

Email me at emyleesays@gmail.com

*emails with be returned within 2-3 business days*